Urban Rituelle - Equilibrium - Diffusion Set 190ml - Mandarin, Basil & Lime

This Urban Rituelle Fragrant Diffuser captures a crisp, uplifting blend formulated with the finest quality fragrances and essential oils of Mandarin, Basil & Lime.

It is long lasting and will gently whisper its soothing scents to revitalise your home while calming your heart and mind.

Mandarin is an uplifting aroma and yet it has a lovely soft quality that is comforting and nurturing. Basil has a warm, spicy, yet herbal aroma known to reduce anxious feelings while Lime is known for its distinct aroma providing cleansing benefits used to help freshen the air.

Proudly Australian made, this premium fragrance blend will effortlessly and safely radiate from the natural fibre reeds transforming your home into your very own therapeutic retreat.

Made in Australia, it will diffuse for up to 6 months depending on air conditions. Non-flammable.

RRP $42.95

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