The Aromatherapy Co. - Therapy Range - Soothe - Linen & Room Spray 100ml - Peony & Petitgrain

Freshen your home with Therapy Range Room & Linen Mist with a soothing essential oil blend of Peony & Petitgrain.

Help combat stress and relax as the rich essential oils will help to naturally cleanse and revitalise your room and may help soothe today's stresses.

Peony Essential Oil can help to heal inflammation and aid relief to arthritis while Petitgrain Essential Oil carries antiseptic properties and can help with maintaining the moisture and oil balance of the skin.

To use : Shake gently before each use. Spray liberally in the air or directly onto bed linen. May also be used to refresh yoga mats, wardrobes, luggage and washable fabrics while ironing. Use on washable fabrics only and do not spray directly onto skin.

RRP $18.95

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