The Aromatherapy Co. - Festive Favours - Hand Cream 50ml - Xmas Pud

This Xmas Pud Hand Cream from The Aromatherapy Co. embraces timeless holiday traditions with the enchanting fragrance of homemade Christmas Pud.

Nourishing and lightweight, this cream is infused with Rosehip Oil & Pomegranate extract for velvety soft hands. It includes Shea butter, a source of vitamins and antioxidants to rehydrate and soothe your skin.

Captivating and deep, this nostalgic aroma of traditional home made Christmas fruit pudding will evoke a sense of warmth and zeal. Layered aromatic spices of Clove, Cinnamon and Nutmeg on a heart of Magnolia and sun ripened Mandarin. Deepened with a creamy base of velvety Vanilla ice cream and wild Patchouli.

Vegan friendly, it is made in New Zealand and not tested on animals.

RRP $14.95

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