MOR - Reed Diffuser 180ml - Marshmallow

This MOR Marshmallow Reed diffuser exudes opulent floral decadence entwined with the elegance of sweet Vanilla Musk. Complete with black reeds, let the mesmerising scent of Marshmallow gloriously rapture and add a nostalgic ambience to any space.

The Marshmallow fragrance is collectively orchestrated with Vanilla Musk and Jasmine Flower that gloriously rapture in this pretty, feminine fragrance. Sugar dipped Rose Petals with White Carnation and Cotton Candy play beautifully to create a deliciously sweet perfume.

The oil based formula allows a stronger scent throw & better performance on your diffuser while the rattan reed sticks allows the fragrance oil to travel up the reed and efficiently fragrance the room.

RRP $52.95

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