iKOU - Essentials - Essential Oil Trio 3x10ml - Rest, Relax, Restore

iKOU Rest, Relax, Restore Essential Oil Trio Pack is true to the iKOU meaning - 'Rest, Relax, Restore'. Life is healthier and happier when we take time to enjoy healing sleep, de-stress and bring new energy into our body and mind.

Rest blend stills the mind and creates a relaxing sleep sanctuary by easing tension and promoting relaxation. Relax blend is peaceful to calm the mind. Restore blend can replenish, strengthen, cleanse and make you feel free.

For use in an oil burner or steam diffuser.

This gift pack includes:
1x10ml iKOU Rest Essential Oil Blend
1x10ml iKOU Relax Essential Oil Blend
1x10ml iKOU Restore Essential oil Blend

RRP $59.95

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