iKOU - Essentials - Essential Oil Trio 3x10ml - Mindful Wellness

KOU Mindful Wellness Essential Oil Trio Pack has been created to transform the way you feel and enhance wellness. Calm your mind, open up the breath, reconnect with yourself and be present in the moment. Harmonise both mind & body in times of stress.

De-Stress blend instills a sense of calm and renewal. Ground & Balance is a purifying blend to harmonise the mind & body. Breathe Wellness is a blend designed to open up the breath and inhale wellness.

For use in an oil burner or steam diffuser.

This gift pack includes:
1x10ml iKOU De-Stress Essential Oil Blend
1x10ml iKOU Ground & Balance Essential Oil Blend
1x10ml iKOU Breathe Wellness Essential Oil Blend

RRP $69.95

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