The Aromatherapy Co. - Therapy Range - Gift Pack - Pulse Points 3x15ml - Energy, Stress & Sleep

The Aromatherapy Company's Therapy Range Gift Pack features 3x15ml pulse points - Energy, Stress & Sleep.

The idea behind pulse points is to place the essential oil blend on specific parts of your body to establish a harmony through your bones, organs, muscles, the glands and the emotions to improve the whole body and mind.

Energy has a blend of rosemary & lemon , the most stimulating of oils, which will uplift and aid concentration, while lemon can rebalance the total body and mind. 

Stress has a blend of peppermint & lavender. Peppermint can relieve nausea and aid digestion while lavender can help with headaches and balance your body and mind.

Sleep has a blend of lavender & chamomile. Chamomile soothes a busy mind and helps combat insomnia whilst the calming oil of lavender can induce a restful sleep.

This gift pack includes:
1x15ml Therapy Range Pulse Point - Energy
1x15ml Therapy Range Pulse Point - Stress
1x15ml Therapy Range Pulse Point - Sleep

RRP $50.85

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